Microsoft Updates Diagnostic Data Viewer to Show Reports Being Transmitted

Microsoft’s Diagnostic Data Viewer recently got an updates Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17704 and it now provides the user with the ability to see which bugs and reports are being transmitted to the diagnostics team. The move comes after users are observed to be more inclined towards knowing which data is being transmitted to other parties from their personal computers. The aim of the update is to ensure that the users are fully aware of which information is being collected from their computers.

The basic purpose of Diagnostic Data Viewer is to form a log which displays the data that was collected from a given application in case it hung, crashed or stopped working. Based on this data, Microsoft finds similarities in the crash reports received and can find bugs. The crash reports which display a similar pattern are used by the software giant to narrow down the potential reasons for the problem. The problem reports do not contain any private or personal data typically, but it does show the programs that were running on the computer. Diagnostic Data Viewer now allows for the Insider to be able to see what information is being transferred back to the company.

In addition to this, other information being collected by Microsoft can also be observed by the user including OS name, device class, device ID, version, diagnostic level selection, etc. Browsing history, product and service usage, software setup and inventory and device connectivity and configuration are all displayed in case the company has acquired any information from these.

Diagnostic Data recording can also be opted out of if chosen by the user by going into the Diagnostics and feedback settings and clicking on delete option. However, this won’t stop Microsoft from gaining required information from other sources and means.

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Microsoft Updates Diagnostic Data Viewer to Show Reports Being Transmitted

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