Microsoft unveils Xbox 360 console update now since 2016

Xbox 360 that rolled out back in 2005 was veiled by the release of Xbox One in 2013 and Xbox One X in 2017 and a large number of user shifted from the previous console to the modern ones which holds all the features of the old machine and more resulting in the fail of Xbox 360’s fame. However Microsoft denied to give up on their old machine which was superstar of its time with the sale of 84 million units during its sprint.

Microsoft being kind enough to care the old guy, released the fresh update after 2 years whereas the last one was rolled out back in March 2016. Much about the update has not yet been revealed by the sources apart from the presence of some bug fixes and slight improvements. Yes that’s all the 13 year old console has been upgraded with. This update may still excite the holders of Xbox 360 but Microsoft has failed to crack a pioneering update since there is absence of any exciting features that are undoubtedly expected from the software behemoth. All those features that could be brought to use were ignored.

Surprisingly a month later the release of software update in 2016, Microsoft announced to hold and discontinue the production of any further Xbox 360 but they will continue to support the console with some of their operating software(s). Competitors of the big company have been doing their best to come up with effective updates for their former generation machines namely Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s PS3 got updated in 2017.

This update is not all bad news and can excite the gamer(s) that still prefer to play evocative games. The owner of Xbox 360 can check for the update by going to the “Setting hub > Systems Icon > Console Setting > High System Info”. The gray region beside “Console setting menu” holds the version for OS users, mentioned under the heading of “Dashboard”.

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Microsoft unveils Xbox 360 console update now since 2016

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