Microsoft Unveils New Icons And Logo For Windows 10 OS, MS Office And Other Apps Incl. Windows Explorer, Alarm, Clock, Contacts

Microsoft appears to be redesigning the aesthetics and cosmetic appearance of several programs, services, apps, and platforms. The company unveiled new icons for the Windows 10 operating system. Many other applications, including Windows Explorer, Alarm, Clock, Contacts, etc. will also get a new set of icons. If that’s not enough, Microsoft might just offer a redesigned logo for Windows 10 OS.

In an apparent intent to lend a new look to Windows 10 OS, and several other programs that Microsoft makes and offers, the company launched new icons to its Windows 10 operating system. The updated icons are meant for the MS Office programs including Word, Excel, and Outlook, among other things. Moreover, the Microsoft Windows Explorer should also get a visual revamp. Microsoft also included new or revamped icons for the program cards, alarm, and clock as well as the contacts app.

Microsoft Attempting To Revamp Windows 10 Logo And Look With New Icons?

It is not immediately clear if Microsoft will make further visual refinements or alterations to the Windows 10 look and the appropriate programs. However, the images and teasers show the company is currently working on a new Windows 10 logo as well. It remains to be seen if the new logo would eventually replace the original and well recognized Windows 10 logo.

According to Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Design & Research, Jon Friedman, the company intends to use the new icons to signal innovations and changes. He claims over 100 symbols were designed for the new face of Windows 10 and the corresponding programs. Moreover, he adds Microsoft has made a considerable effort in market research to define in advance which designs are received by Microsoft customers and which are not. A large number of different icons were used to better assess what is more popular with Windows users.

According to the numerous market research and reviews, Windows 10 and Office users prefer icons with a flat design and matt colors. Hence Microsoft listened to the feedback and implemented the cosmetic elements. The latest set of icons and logos too may have gone through the same process, and it is quite likely that there were several other sets of icons and aesthetic elements that were rejected or weren’t appreciated by the test groups.

The newly revealed set of icons have no confirmed release date. However, according to reports, Microsoft might gradually include the icons or replace the old ones with new over the course of the next year. Incidentally, Microsoft has been changing some well-known icons for the past few weeks. The biggest and most noticeable logo change happened to the Microsoft Edge web browser which is based on the Google Chromium base. Needless to add, the reaction to the logo was quite divided. While the majority of users appreciated the simplicity, many excessively criticized the same for its striking resemblance to the Mozilla Firefox web browser’s logo.


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