Microsoft ToDo v1.35 Update Introduces Star And Collaboration Features For iOS And Android

Microsoft acquired the team behind the popular productivity application, Wunderlist, just over three years ago in the June of 2015. Since then, collaborating on productivity features for the Office365 Suite, Microsoft released its ToDo application in the January of this year to provide all the functionality of Wunderlist to Microsoft’s own subscribers. The company boasts that its new productivity application provides all the features necessary to plan, monitor, and accomplish. The application features a My Day view that allows users to list out tasks and chores for the day to complete. The application also gives users reminders to perform certain tasks and allows users to place deadlines for things that need getting done. The application has been seamlessly integrated into the Office365 Suite, allowing users to access it through Microsoft’s applications such as Outlook for productivity management. Through the Microsoft account connectivity, the application boasts real time sync of all tasks on all devices, and it seems that the company has come out with yet another update introducing features that make the experience even more fruitful.

Microsoft has introduced two new primary features in the application’s latest update release, version 1.35, the ability to prioritize tasks by starring them and a massive collaboration overhaul feature that allows for shared lists, shared contribution to lists, and mutual task accomplishment. To allow for efficient prioritization of tasks, the newest update allows users to sort tasks based upon deadline and indicated importance. Users are also able to directly start tasks so that they stand out in the list. Collaborative lists allow for multiple users to add tasks to a shared list and monitor the progress of assigned activities as needed. Bugs that permitted the application syncing with Outlook’s ToDo tab have also been resolved in this update. The application is also able to store reminders for important events such as birthdays and corporate meetings. Many of the updates introduced come out of user feedback provided on the ToDo application’s User Voice forum. After these updates were introduced to the desktop version of the application, the latest update is now available on the Apple AppStore for iOS devices and the Google PlayStore for Android systems.

Aaron Michael
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