Microsoft To Offer Paint As An Optional Feature In Windows 10

Despite the fact that Paint is one of the most popular programs in Windows OS. Microsoft didn’t think about adding new features to the classic Paint program for decades. Instead, the Redmond company decided to launch Paint 3D. However, it failed to gain interest from the Windows community.

Microsoft mentioned the paint program as a deprecated feature in Windows 10 Creators Update. The company wanted to upgrade Paint 3D app with classic paint features. However, a strong reaction from the Windows Insider Community forced Microsoft to change its mind. Starting Windows 10 May 2019 Update, Windows users reported an information message about its potential removal from the operating system at some point in future. The message was then pulled back again.

MS Paints fans now think that Microsoft has dropped the idea to remove the app from Windows 10 forever. It seems like the company is secretly planning to include the classic Paint app as an optional functionality in Windows 10. Windows reported that the latest Insider build lists Microsoft Paint an optional feature.

MS Paint
MS Paint as an optional feature

Right now the change is in the testing phases and enabled by default. The idea behind offering MS Paint as an optionality feature shows that it is not a system component anymore. It remains to be seen if Microsoft decides to transform this idea into a reality. The option to uninstall MS Paint does not work at the moment. Once Microsoft pushes the change to production devices, you should be able to uninstall the app from Settings.

If you consider ground realities, MS Paint is a handy tool for average Windows 10 users. They can do some basic cropping within seconds. A simple mouse drag expands or shrinks the canvas. Alternatively, they need to deal with layers to perform a simple task with advanced level applications such as Adobe Photoshop.

No matter how old it is, editing is quick and easy with MS Paint. Paint 3D provides completely different functionality as compared to the native app. Considering its small size, the Reddit community is of the opinion that there is no reason to offer a useful application as an optional feature.

Alex Schoff
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