Microsoft To Finally Release Native Office 365 For M1 Macs: Additional Features Such As “Data From Picture” & Better Integration

While Apple produces some of the best computers out there, the separate app integration hasn’t been the best. Certain companies have not really made their apps run as well as they do on Windows or Linux systems. Adobe products such as Photoshop still do not go in full-screen mode on the mac. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Office 365 sweet runs a bit laggy on Mac devices. In case this wasn’t already an issue, Apple launched the M1 Macs, based on the ARM architecture. This introduced another line of integration required by developers.

With the introduction of the M1 Macs though, Apple made sure that users have a smooth experience. Not to mention, they wanted excellent integration for the power these Macs promised to deliver. This is similar to the heavy scrutiny behind apps on the App Store.

Office 365 for M1 Macs

Now, when these were announced, they announced that Microsoft would be releasing a new Office 365 suite, especially for the ARM-based Macs. Now, that is upon us. According to an article from “The Community“, a Russian platform, Microsoft has updated its lineup. Soon, they’ll be launching these pieces of software for the M1 Macs as well. They would be integrated well with the system. Additionally, they will have some new features as well.

One of the main new features would be the “Tell Me” feature in the search. This allows users to set a command based on their system language. In Outlook, there will be an option to link your iCloud account as well. This was previously not even an option for Apple users. For Excel, users can use the new “Data from Picture” feature. It would allow users to take photos of spreadsheets from their iPhones and then import to Excel to be digitised. This can be a really good thing for people who have to enter a lot of data for digitisation.

There will be design updates as well which compliment the Big Sur design language. The best part about this would be, and we cannot keep ourselves from mentioning it again and again, the integration. The M1 Macs flaunt their battery lives and it is true that Office for Macs has been draining for batteries. This may not be the case anymore.

Sarmad Burki
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