Microsoft To-Do Update Version 1.44 Brings New Section In Smart List

Microsoft To-Do app just received yet another update that enhances the user experience in a quite manageable way adding more sections to the planned smart list.

Microsoft To-Do Update For iOS.

If you already aren’t familiar with this Microsoft To-Do, it is a reminder app that helps you get all your important tasks done. Unlike an ordinary reminder app, it provides a better environment and a friendly UI easy to navigate and has more features.

Earlier this month, Microsoft released an update adding the planned smart list to the app that allows you to schedule all of your tasks in one place. But the devs just won’t stay put. To bring more ease to the users recently another update for iOS version 1.44 has been released bringing new sections to the planned smart list providing a grouped view for all of your important tasks.

Each group contains the tasks to be completed based on the date the task is to be done. For instance, the tasks to be done today will be under the “Today” section, tomorrow’s task under “Tomorrow” section and the rest of the tasks under their to-do date.  Furthermore, it’ll auto-hide sections having an empty task list or allow you to manually hide any specific task. Tasks overdue will be put under the overdue section. Mark your important tasks by the clicking the star icon in front of them.

This Microsoft To-Do app can bring great ease to a person with hectic routine who loses track of many important things to be done. This Microsoft app is available for all platforms whether it may be Android, iOS, Windows PC as well as a dedicated website with all the features.

Bill Wilson
Bill is a certified Microsoft Professional providing assistance to over 500 remotely connected employees and managing Windows 2008 to 2016 servers.