Microsoft Testing Screen Mirroring Feature for Windows 10

The option will be available on limited number of smartphones only

Screen mirroring is not a new feature but Microsoft has been working on it lately. It looks as if the company is now ready to test its screen mirroring feature for Android users. The company will start to roll out updates for its Your Phone Windows 10 app. Through this Android users will be able to mirror their smartphone screen directly to the screen of the PC.

Microsoft has already demonstrated the use of screen mirroring at its Surface event in October last year.  The company told how the app will work through which you can mirror your phone screen to your Windows 10 screen. Once you mirror your phone, a list of Android apps is shown. You can then access those apps on your Windows 10 screen during the remote session.

The addition of the phone mirroring feature will increase the overall utility of the Your Phone app. The app was previously being used to access photos and get notifications. But the addition of the new screen mirroring feature will increase the overall utility. The new feature will be available for selected users only before Microsoft rolls it out for the entire audience.

The screen pairing can be done with machines that have Bluetooth with low energy peripheral mode. The “Your Phone app” communicates and mirrors the phone with your PC in this way. This way a lot of machines will not be able to take part in the testing but Surface Go will be the first Surface machine that will be able to support the beta test from Microsoft.

The mirroring part will also be available on a limited number of smartphones only. During the testing part, people having Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9, and S9 Plus will be able to mirror the screen with the PC. The company will soon be increasing the devices for both phone and PC for screen mirroring.

Bill Wilson
Bill is a certified Microsoft Professional providing assistance to over 500 remotely connected employees and managing Windows 2008 to 2016 servers.