Microsoft Teasing to Launch a New Tier of Xbox Game Pass in the US Soon

Last September, Microsoft introduced a new subscription tier for Xbox Game Pass exclusively in Ireland and Colombia to test it in these limited regions before the expanded or global launch. However, it looks like Microsoft is planning to launch this subscription tier of Xbox Game Pass in the US soon. As spotted by a ResetEra user, Microsoft is promoting Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family in the US via the PC Xbox App. Other than that, the Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family test page is also live on the US Microsoft Store.

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family allows the subscribers to add up to 4 different Xbox accounts to the service other than the primary account at one price. This means that a total of five Xbox users can enjoy the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate at one price. Yes, you read that right; all the perks of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, including the EA Games Library, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and PC games library, are offered with Game Pass Friends & Family as well. 

And the most exciting part is that all the users added to Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family do not have to be under the same roof or required to use the same console to enjoy this subscription tier of Xbox Game Pass. In fact, Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family is valid if all the users added to it belong to the same country. 

Add up to four friends and family members, whether they live under the same roof or not. Each person uses their own account and Xbox profile to save their games, track their achievements, and receive personalized recommendations.

Share a library of hundreds of high-quality console and PC games, with new games added all the time. Everyone can play at the same time, even play the same game, or play online multiplayer games together.

-Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family Official Description

Now, if we talk about its pricing, that still needs to be confirmed, at least in the US. However, it is priced at around €21.99/ month in the Republic of Ireland. This is an attractive price if we compare it to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate price for one user, which is around €12.99/ month in Ireland. 

Game Pass Friends & Family is exactly like the Game Pass Ultimate but at a more economical price for five Xbox users. So, it would not make sense for five family members or friends to buy the Game Pass Ultimate separately if they have a choice to avail Game Pass Friends & Family, which makes it an excellent deal considering that it does not even require you to be in the same home.

Xbox Game Pass | Microsoft

Microsoft might reveal Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family for the US at the upcoming Xbox showcase ‘Developer Direct. As of now, it is confirmed that the Showcase will feature games from the studios, including Arkane Austin, Mojang Studios, Turn 10 Studios, and ZeniMax Online Studios.

Furthermore, Xbox will finally give the fans a definite release date for Forza Motorsport, Redfall, Minecraft Legends, and The Elder Scrolls Online as per the German version of the announcement of Developer Direct. Still, it will be interesting to see what else Microsoft has in store for Xbox fans. 

What are your thoughts about Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family? Are you excited to access this tier of subscription for the Game Pass? Let us know in the comment section below.


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