Microsoft Takes on Nintendo’s Damon Baker as Head of Portfolio for Xbox

Last week, Damon Baker, who was the Head of Partner Management at Nintendo America, announced his departure from the company. After working there for over twelve years, Baker is leaving Nintendo America to work as the Head of Portfolio for Xbox.

Damon Baker

Baker revealed the details about the career move in a message shared via Twitter.

“As a lifelong and permanent Nintendo fan, I am incredibly honored to have supported the 3rd party business as an advocate for their amazing work,” he says. “It has been an incredible journey and one that has allowed me [to] show my parents that all those long-distance phone calls to Nintendo Power Line finally paid off!”

Baker’s career at Nintendo started in 2006 as the Global Manager of Brand Licensing. Later on in 2009, he was relocated to Head of 3rd Party Marketing & Communications. During his last two years at Nintendo America, Baker served as the Head of Partner Management.

“While I reflect upon my time with Nintendo, I have heartfelt appreciation for the gaming community as a whole,” Baker continues. “I am thankful to all the industry developers, publishers, artists, programmers, marketers, media, influencers, and all those who play games. Your support for great content has helped define this generation of platforms and realize the dreams of many.”

About a week after the announcement of his departure, Baker announced today that he will be joining Microsoft. More specifically, he will act as the new Head of Portfolio for Xbox. He will be in charge of evaluating second and third party content for the Xbox One console.

An experienced individual like Baker will surely be a great addition to the Microsoft team. Recently, Microsoft acquired several video game studios like Obsidian Entertainment, Ninja Theory, and more. With Damon Baker joining the team, Microsoft’s hold in the gaming industry continues to grow.

Farhan Ali
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