Microsoft Store For Windows 10 Closing Down The Sections Meant For Education And Business?

Microsoft Store, the digital marketplace meant to offer paid, free and freemium apps that run on Windows 10 Operating System, might close down dedicated sections for Education and Business. It is not immediately clear if the Microsoft Store, as a whole, might undergo deprecation, but the ‘Web Version’ of the same could remain functioning for the foreseeable future.

The future of Microsoft Store, the marketplace for apps that run in the Windows 10 OS ecosystem, appears to be increasingly uncertain. The company is reportedly considering shuttering some key sections of the Microsoft Store. Some of the main sections that would be soon shuttered include Business and Education. In other words, Microsoft is seriously considering altering its strategy pertaining to the Windows 10 App Store.

Microsoft Is Letting App Store for Business And Education Slowly Die?

The last update on a support page for the Store for Business and Education was published in October 2018. This update merely included the addition of Private store apps. This is a strong indicator that the team that owns the digital stores has decided that the Store for Business and Store for Education will be gradually deprecated and quite possibly shuttered eventually.

While there’s no concrete schedule governing the demise of the Microsoft Store for Business and Education, these storefronts could stop operating within the current year. It is quite possible that Microsoft will give ample time to its customers from the Business and Education segments to buy and download apps. Moreover, it is quite possible that Microsoft will continue to support the apps with critical and security updates in the near future.

The main Microsoft Store App will most likely survive for a much longer time. This is because the main app store platform serves as the pathway to update other core apps such as Windows 10 Mail and Calendar, Skype, Sticky Notes, etc.. Additionally, the upcoming Windows 10X, a variant of Windows 10 OS optimized for dual-screen devices, would require the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store To Shutter Important Digital Storefronts As App Developers Choose To Remain Independent:

Microsoft Windows 10 is one of the fundamentally different operating systems that the company designed, developed and released a few years ago. The successor to Windows 8.1, and more specifically Windows 7, is the first operating system from Microsoft that features an integrated App Store. Similar to the Android Play Store that the smartphone OS’s creator, Google, owns and operates, the Microsoft Store was meant as a central repository of apps that function on Windows 10 OS. However, the dream of a single or unified digital App Store for Windows 10, hasn’t truly materialized.

Taking advantage of the “Open Platform” nature of Windows 10, many app developers and even big app development companies, have continued to ignore the Microsoft Store. These third-party app creators keep distributing their apps independently. Simply put, instead of publishing apps in the Microsoft Store, the app developers choose to stay away, and keep distributing their creations on separate websites. Needless to add, this directly means the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 has very few apps as compared to Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Microsoft has been trying to get app developers on its Windows 10 Store for quite some time. In fact, the company pulled many strings to get big developers like Apple, Facebook, Adobe, or Spotify to adopt the Microsoft Store recently. However, the majority of app developers still stay away, which means there is a long way to go before the Microsoft Store becomes the best way to install apps on a Windows 10 PC. Now Microsoft is perhaps realizing that the Microsoft Store might not ever become a truly singular location for Windows 10 apps like the Google Play Store for Android, and the Apple App Store for the iOS ecosystem.

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Microsoft Store For Windows 10 Closing Down The Sections Meant For Education And Business?

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