Microsoft Will Stop Supporting Internet Explorer 11 and Legacy Edge in 2021

You’ll have up to August 2021 to use IE 11.

Today, Microsoft announced that it’s ending its support for Internet Explorer 11 and Legacy Edge on Microsoft 365. The company has already killed off Internet Explorer five years ago in favor of Microsoft Edge. At that time, Microsoft introduced it as a modern browser.

Earlier this year, the company announced its latest Chromium-based Edge browser with several new features. And it includes Chrome extensions, vertical tabs, themes, and many others. The older version of Edge didn’t have any of these features of the legacy edge.

However, the announcement of Microsoft today confirmed that the company will stop supporting the said browser, ie. the Edge Legacy. The support will end on March 9, 2020. You can continue using it after that date. However, the company will no longer provide updates for that browser. The apps and services for Edge Legacy will still run in the new Edge.

Microsoft will push the new Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Has Two Versions

The Chromium version of Edge used to be called the new Microsoft Edge. But when you look at the support document form Microsoft, the said version is now referred to as the Microsoft Edge Legacy. The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge will simply be called as Microsoft Edge.

The Edge Legacy is older and it’s now less used. But currently, the Edge Legacy is the default browser on PCs running Windows 10. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft wants users to transition to Microsoft Edge.

Compared to the Edge Legacy, the Microsoft Edge earned a lot of positive reviews on macOS and Windows 10. But you can also use it on 7, 8, and 8.1. It shows websites well and it can work with Chrome extensions to improve the browser’s functionality.

There are many useful features of Microsoft Edge. One of them is that you can install progressive web apps that let you create dedicated windows. You can also create Start menu icons, like Hulu and Disney+.

The company continues to develop it to add more features. It introduced Collections recently to its beta version of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft will also drop its support for Internet Explorer 11 including its web apps. The support will end on August 17, 201. If you continue to use it, you will have a degraded experience. You may also encounter connection error when you connect to Microsoft 365 apps and services using IE 11.

If you don’t upgrade to Microsoft Edge, the latest Microsoft 365 features won’t be available or some features won’t work when you access the apps through IE 11. Microsoft believes that its customers can maximize the features of Microsoft 365 when accessing it using Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft wants you to use Microsoft Edge because of so many reasons. One of them is that it uses sophisticated phishing and malware protection. If you run into compatibility issues, you may contact Microsoft’s customer support or browse its Help section. Microsoft considers Microsoft Edge as its “best expression of a modern browser.”

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