Microsoft Rolls Out Version 1.0 of Project Rome

Developers will now be able to write apps that can run on different devices

Microsoft initiated its Project Rome with only one thing in mind. And that was that app experiences should not be tied to a single device only. As part of those efforts, the tech giant is rolling out its version 1.0 of Project Rome SDK for iOS and Android. Developers will now be able to write apps that can run on multiple devices rather than working on only one.

Microsoft in a blogpost announced the release of version 1.0 of Project Rome SDK for iOS and Android. In the blog, the company said, “Project Rome is a platform for enabling seamless cross-device and cross-platform experiences. The philosophy behind Project Rome is simple. App experiences shouldn’t be tied to a single device any more than data should be tied to a single device. Your apps, like your data, should travel with you.”

Project Rome

With the successful launch of Project Rome, users will be able to switch devices easily. Once the apps are created that can be run on multiple devices, there will be less headache for the users. Project Rome has features that are defined through SDKs and Microsoft Graph. These things are the main reason that helped in enabling cross-device and connected-device capabilities so everyone can use apps on different devices.

Currently, there are few scenarios that can be availed through native SDKs and REST APIs via Microsoft Graph. In the case of general scenarios, REST APIs help in the quick implementation of Project Rome. However, there are different advantages to using platform-specific implementations. These advantages include:

  • Model object in the native language
  • Additional features are provided if your app runs on Windows
  • Features available through platform SDKs will be implemented in the same way

Once developers start writing apps for Project Rome, it will become a lot easier for people to switch between devices easily.

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Microsoft Rolls Out Version 1.0 of Project Rome

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