Microsoft Rolls Out a Dark Mode For The Mail and Calendar App On Windows 10

MA Mail and Calendar app update on the Windows 10 might not be that interesting. However, a recent update rolled out by Microsoft gives it a very cool mode, it might not be that useful but it certainly does seem very aesthetically pleasing.

Dark Mode On Mail And Calender App

A Dark Mode for applications seems to be a trend in 2019. First, we saw it implemented in the new Opera browser, this was followed by several other applications. Just this week, Facebook Messenger also received a widely anticipated Dark Mode for its app.

Today,  Microsoft rolled out a  new update for the Mail and Calendar app on Windows 10. The Update contains a new dark theme mode for the application.  Previously, the app sported a white theme.

Mail And Calandar App

The Dark Mode gives the apps a whole new look without changing anything at all. The apps look sleeker and overall cleaner. The Dark Mode is very similar to the Dark mode which was released in July of 2018.

To turn the Dark Mode on in the Windows 10 Mail app, you have to open the app and then navigate to account> personalization>dark mode.  Here you will find a dark mode option which you have to turn on.

The Update is available right now for everyone who is running Windows 10 v1809. You can download the update here.

Benefits of Dark Mode

Research shows that Dark Mode does have many benefits. Eye fatigue from long uses is considerably reduced due to  Dark Mode. Medical Conditions such as photophobia are less aggravated by dark backgrounds.  However, the most important benefit of a Dark Mode is that it reduces blue light. This leads to less disruption of the body’s sleep cycle. These are just some of the benefits of using Dark Mode on your apps. You can read more regarding benefits here.

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Microsoft Rolls Out a Dark Mode For The Mail and Calendar App On Windows 10

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