Microsoft Revamps Skype Design in a Bid to Increase User Base

In the previous few months, Skype has faced quite a consistent downfall with respect to its user base. Microsoft has been on an unfortunate side with its video calling service and the attempts at curbing its desktop form in favor of application have been strong. Skype desktop client was in fact scheduled to expire on the 1st of September but owing to user protests, a grace period had to be granted to it.

On 31st August 2018, Skype announced an update to its user experience and also announced a few design changes. These design changes came after some users complained that some Skype core scenarios had become overcomplicated. These changes focused on introducing familiarity and similarity to the overall Skype experience so that new users are able to learn its usage easily and quickly.

Here are some new design features introduced to Skype in its recent update:

Simpler Navigation

Microsoft’s team at Skype focused on going back to the original reason of why people wanted to use Skype, for making calls and videos. The new navigation model introduced removes the underused and redundant features which create clutter and makes it much convenient for the people the users wish to contact and talk to. Now the user interface is more efficient.

According to the Skype blog, “For the desktop, we’re connecting to the Skype legacy while producing a navigation model that is familiar to our mobile experience. We moved buttons for Chats, Calls, Contacts, and Notifications to the top left of the window, making it easy for long-time Skype users to understand.”

A Modern Feel and Fresh Look

Microsoft’s team at Skype decided to tone down current visual range of gradients and thereby introduced a simplified version, the ‘Classic’ blue theme which is adjusted for readability and contrast. Some decorative elements were reduced which were making difficult for users to get things done. The resulting Skype version is more elegant which mainly focuses on the users’ content.

The team at Skype admitted that they had a lot more work to do in improving their voice and video calling application, yet through these changes they hoped that users will be able to enjoy a simplified experience.

Maira Ahmed
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