Microsoft Rethinks Decision: Windows No Longer Shows A Warning When Trying To Install Other Browsers In Latest Insider Update

With the release of Windows 10, we also got to see the revamped Internet Explorer, named Edge. IE was notorious for being slow and also looked like something you would find on a computer in the 90s. It has even been a long running joke now that the only use of IE is to install Chrome or Firefox.

A browser is a very important part for a software company, which is also a great tool to keep people tied to a ecosystem. So, obviously Microsoft wasn’t happy to see people migrate to Chrome or any other browser for that matter.

Edge is a great browser on the surface, very fluid, responsive, looks good and mordern. But at this point people were so used to Chrome, that it was tough to make them to use Edge. Also because Edge had some distinct disadvantages such as the lack of any browser extensions, whereas in Chrome there’s a massive collection. This was a far-cry from a time where most people in the world used Internet explorer.

Although Microsoft did have an advantage, they owned the OS. So with the launch of Windows 10, they made it more difficult to change the default browser. They also tried to plug in Edge, whenever they could.

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge Pop-Up
Source – MSPU

Microsoft in an insider update started showing a warning when you tried to install other browsers, this consequently enraged a lot of people who posted this on Twitter. So finally they went back on their decision, in the backdrop of the outrage and stopped showing the warning in the latest Fast Ring build of Windows 10 RS5 (17760).

Strong arm tactics like this don’t help anyone, people at this day and age won’t use an inferior product, specially ones that are free. One can hope Microsoft improves Edge with time so the user base can grow organically.

Indranil Chowdhury
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Microsoft Rethinks Decision: Windows No Longer Shows A Warning When Trying To Install Other Browsers In Latest Insider Update

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