Microsoft Responds to Criticism, Adds Snapdragon 850 to the List of Supported Processors for Windows 10

Microsoft’s October 2018 update for Windows 10 was delayed this time, much more than it was expected. The release has still not been made and it is still not clear when will the update come. Owing to this, hardware partners in particular have been criticizing the software giant for its inefficiency. They seemingly had to face various issues due to the withdrawn October update. The increasing criticism has forced Microsoft to finally roll out a solution for CPU support issue. However, the solution does not provide the hardware manufacturers with an immediate corrected version and is rather a smaller revision of the support documents.

This also arrives as great news for the PC vendors who were facing trouble as they had finished selling first products, for instance those devices in which the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor was being used. Since the official update of October 2018 did not exist and had been delayed, the vendors were left with no choice except to either take the devices out of their shops or deliver them to an operating system that did not have any official support for the hardware.

Now Microsoft has finally responded to all the criticism and has done it quite pragmatically. A small change has been made in the support documents where Snapdragon 850 has simply been added in the list of the processors that are supported by the previous April update. No change appeared in Windows version 1803 software whatsoever and the only change was in adaptation to support documents. However, this also means that even with this small change various devices can now be delivered with at least one operating system, which officially supports the processor platform used and for which users can take benefit of Microsoft’s customer service to solve the current issues.

This solution has not changed anything for Intel 9th generation Core processors which continue to receive official support for only Windows 10 version 1809. It is hard to say why Microsoft did not make appropriate adjustments here. It is something for which an exact explanation can be provided only by Microsoft.

Meanwhile, it remains a good omen for Windows 10 users that the October update is temporarily being provided in an error-corrected version, possibly to be re-released tonight with other updates for various systems.

Maira Ahmed
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Microsoft Responds to Criticism, Adds Snapdragon 850 to the List of Supported Processors for Windows 10

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