Microsoft Reportedly Working On A Bigger Version of Andromeda- The Centaurus

Microsoft’s upcoming dual display foldable device, the Andromeda, has been a part of the rumor mill since quite some time now with numerous patents and leaks hinting towards the same.The patents mentioned a number of notable features about the device such as the presence of an advanced camera system, the ability to display 3d representation and a hinge which will make it a inter-convertible large screen mobile and tablet.

Recently, there was a rumor that the device will be apparently larger than the standard phone-size, given that Windows is suited better for large screen devices, but it seems like the larger device is Microsoft’s different project on top of Andromeda, as per reports. The project is code-named Centaurus internally and reportedly has the same form factor, but a larger display size as compared to the Andromeda.

“Starting to think that this “larger” Andromeda device that’s rumored to be in the works isn’t actually Andromeda. Possibly a different project, with a different codename. This would explain why I continue to hear “Andromeda” is pocketable,” further adds in his tweet. Developer Gustave also discovered references to the, Andromeda Device, WindowsCoreHeadless OS, Windows Core Hub OS, Andromeda OS, Polaris, Lite and Centaurus in the latest Windows 10 19H1 preview builds or SDKs.

As Windows Latest reports, the naming is likely after the Andromeda galaxy, and the Centaurus constellation which is one of the brightest and largest constellations in the Southern Sky. There is still no word from Microsoft on either the Centaurus or the Andromeda, but given the fact that a number of patents and leaks are hinting towards the same, there is ample probability that there is some truth to all these rumors. As per reports, the devices are slated for a late 2019 release, and if there is any truth to all the leaks, it might turn out to be a game-changer for Microsoft.

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Microsoft Reportedly Working On A Bigger Version of Andromeda- The Centaurus

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