Microsoft Removes SMS Relay from Skype in Windows 10 Preview build 17704

Microsoft has recently released a new Skype update built on React Native in Windows 10 Preview build 17704 which also has the latest Fast Ring Build. This new Skype update is seemingly better than the previous XAML application. The company decided to take this step in the later part of June, just a month before finalization of its Windows 10 Anniversary update. At that time, Microsoft was still allowing its users of Windows Phone and Android Phones with Cortana installed to continue replying to text messages.

Last week, Microsoft revealed an updated preview build of Skype UWP app. However, it is expected that this new update on React Native application will not be available for Windows Phone. Due to this reason, Skype does not support the previous SMS Relay function. On the other hand instead, Windows 10 mobile users can make the Operating System use the previous UWP application that will enable them to send SMS but it is faulty and does not operate perfectly and Microsoft really doesn’t plan to do anything about these bugs. The good news is that React Native is much better than the old XAML and the application retains most of the other previous features such as Live Tile.

According to the Microsoft spokesperson, “We have temporarily disabled the capability in Cortana on Windows Phone 10 and the Cortana Android companion app that enables you to receive text messages to your PC while we evaluate an experience issue which we are working to resolve. We will bring this capability back into the experience as soon as possible.”

Microsoft is still reportedly testing this version of Skype update so other new updates can be anticipated. The company may bring back the option of SMS Relay in future as confirmed by the Microsoft officials. However, for now only notifications can be seen and they cannot be replied to.

Maira Ahmed
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