Microsoft Releases Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22468 in the Dev Channel

Another week with no exciting changes.

As we approach Windows 11‘s general availability next week, Microsoft has pushed yet another Insider Build today. Build 22468 includes no new features but does bring forth two minor improvements. This build focuses on fixing bugs and addressing knowing issues more than anything else. Keep in mind that Microsoft has alerted us that it will be a while before we start seeing any major features or changes coming to Windows 11 Insider builds.

Important info

This week’s build comes with a new expiration date. All Insider builds release prior to Build 22468 are now set to expire on 30th October, 2021. So, if you’re in the Dev channel rocking an older build, it’s time to upgrade to Build 22468 which will expire on 15th September, 2022. Microsoft has enforced TPM 2.0 across the board for all devices running Windows 11 so if your device lacks it, you won’t (officially) be able to upgrade to the latest Insider build.

Another important reminder, today’s update comes from Microsoft’s active-development branch known as “RS_PRERELEASE” and it does not match Windows 11’s general availability experience. In other words, any changes made or features added in these builds are meant for these builds only. There’s no saying if we’ll see these in an upcoming cumulative or major feature update. The Dev channel in the Insider Program represents the bleeding edge of active development being done for Windows, so improvements seen here won’t be tied to any future wide-scale updates, unless Microsoft deems it so.


Now, coming to the actual changes, they’re pretty insignificant but worth mentioning nonetheless. Firstly, upon clicking on a VPN connection in VPN Settings, you will now be able to see some additional stats about the connection. Secondly, by default Windows shows your recent searches when hovering over the Search icon in the Taskbar. Today’s update gives you the option to turn this off in Taskbar behaviors under Taskbar Settings.

One more thing that Microsoft didn’t mention in their blog post was the return of the “Hide from Taskbar” option when right-clicking any icon on the Taskbar. This option was available in previous builds of Windows 11 but was taken out some time ago, however, it seems as if it’s back in this update. No word on whether this change will be made on the general availability version of Windows 11 as well or not.

The Hide from Taskbar button that allows you to hide apps pinned to the Taskbar | Pureinfotech

Microsoft also mentions the release of the redesigned Paint app for Windows 11 in the blog post. The app was indeed released for Insiders in the Dev Channel recently. However, its release was not tied to this build in specific as it rolled out separately before today’s build even came out. It just happens to be that the timing matched quite conveniently. So, it’s not tied to last week’s build Build 22463, neither is it tied to this week’s Build 22468; it was released separately and will gradually rollout to Insiders throughout the week.


There are a plethora of bug fixes in this build as well that you can check out yourself on the official blog post. To summarize, the most prominent fixes include a fix that unblocks MDM-enrolled PCs from receiving new Insider builds, a fix that ensures your microphone input format setting stay the same through multiple updates, and a fix that addresses Wi-Fi getting stuck at off after waking up from sleep despite toggling it off and on.

If you’re an Insider in the Dev Channel, the update is live as we speak and you can install it via Windows Update. Lastly, the watermark you see in the bottom-right corner of your desktop telling you what build you are on is completely normal for these pre-release builds. Make it a habit of submitting feedback to Microsoft so that the final experience can be better for everyone involved. Check out the full blog post announcing today’s build here.

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