Microsoft Releases Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22454 and 22000.184

In the Dev and Beta channels, respecitvely.

As we inch closer to Windows 11‘s launch, Microsoft is still releasing regular updates to the Windows Insider Program to ensure that the OS is ready for its October 5 release. Today, Microsoft announced two new Insider Preview builds separately and these are definitely more incremental updates than feature-packed ones.

Build 22000.184

Build 22000.184 was released in the Beta Channel and is nothing but a bug-fixes update. It addresses two language-related issues within the OS along alongside acknowledging several other existing bugs that Microsoft is working to fix as we speak. This build will also be made available for commercial testing in the Release Preview Channel, making it the first-ever Windows 11 Insider build to be released in the Release Preview Channel.

In last week’s update, Microsoft added a new link to learn more about Windows Hello in the OOBE. Unfortunately the info shown after clicking that was not translated from English for non-English languages. This build fixes that and now you should be able to see the info in your supported language. Secondly, since the last update, some languages were not being translated properly within parts of the Windows 11. That also has been remedied in this build.

Apart from that, there are tons of issues that Microsoft knows about and has detailed on their official blog post. As always, you can head over to check them out yourself. If you’re not an Insider and want to flight Windows 11, you can visit the guide posted by Microsoft and get started. Being an Insider allows you to contribute towards the development of the OS via your feedback.

Build 22454

The reason we have two builds for today is that while Build 22000.184 was released only in the Beta Channel, Build 22454 has been released exclusively in the Dev Channel. Microsoft has made it so that that the Dev Channel will now once again start receiving updates from the active development branch. Similar to Windows 10, the Dev Channel will keep getting weekly updates while the non-Insider version of Windows will not.

This basically means that the Dev Channel versions of Windows 11 from now on will not be representative of the version releasing on October 5. All of the features and bug fixes added in this build (and future builds) will be added in later updates to the public version of Windows 11 shipping to customers on October 5.

New Recycle Bin context menu

With that being said, let’s discuss the changes in this build. Starting off the list and most notable improvement in this update, the context menu for Recycle Bin has been updated to match Windows 11’s design language. When you right-click on Recycle Bin, you’ll be greeted with a modern, sleeker context menu that falls in line with the rest of Windows 11.

The new Recycle Bin context menu – Source: Microsoft

File Explorer Context Menu Update

Moving on, another change has been made to a different context menu and that’s File Explorer. When clicking on a network share, the option to pin it to the Quick Access page is now available in the context menu directly. Before, you had to click on “Show more options” to bring up the legacy context menu to do the same thing.

Pin to Quick Access option now in context menu – Source: Pureinfotech

Privacy Resources

Furthermore, if you go into Settings, then Privacy & Security, the Find my device page now includes links to various privacy resources at the end. Clicking on these links will take you to the relevant webpage to learn more about the specific resource.

New Privacy resources links in the Find my device Settings page – Source: Pureinfotech

New Korean IME

Last but not least, the Korean IME (Input Method) in Windows 11 is getting major love. Taking into account feedback from Insiders, Microsoft has updated the Korean IME. There is a new candidate window that is built using Fluent Design UI standards and features an acrylic background. It features a new selection visual and supports dark mode as well.

The updated Korean IME candidate video – Source: Microsoft

The Korean IME update will be rolling out to select Insiders at first. This will allow Microsoft to garner feedback and tweak the IME accordingly. According to the company, the new IME also has improved performance and compatibility but it’s not full ready yet. Microsoft wants to eliminate any bugs or compatibility issues before eventually releasing it to everyone.

There is a plethora of bug fixes addressed in this update that I won’t go over here. . The biggest bug fix in today’s build is aimed towards continuous bugcheck issues that were arising due to Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) being enabled in certain PCs. If you want to see the list of the bug fixes yourself, you can head over to the blog post and learn more


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