Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17730 Adding Support for HTTP/2 and CUBIC

To users who have opted into Microsofts Fast Ring program, you get a new build of Windows 10 today. The build not only comes with fixes and new little features, but also debuts Microsoft’s Your Phone app to the public.

The Your Phone app is an app for Android and iPhone phone users which allows data to transfer seamlessly across your phone and computer so that you can pick up whatever you were doing last on one device to another. “drag and drop that pohoto from your phone onto your PC. Copy, edit, or ink on that photo, right from your PC. With Your Phone app, live today for Windows Insiders, you get instant access to your Android’s most recent photots on your PC.” For iPhone users the experience is a bit more limited, only allowing you to send webpages back and forth between your phone and PC.

Another big change comes in the form of HTTP/2 and CUBIC support for Windows 10 and subsequently Microsoft Edge. The features include full support of HTTP/2 for Microsoft Edge as supported in Windows Server 2019, improved security with Edge by guaranteeing HTTP/2 cipher suites, and improved performance on Windows 10 with CUBIC TCP congestion provider.

The last big change is in the update notifications you get on Windows 10, now users will be getting the notification system that Microsoft is planning to release to retail, they’re testing it out on Insider first so they can get feedback from the community. The system, depending on what ring you’re signed up for, asks you to schedule your update for the first few days of it being out, and then it resorts to asking you if it can schedule the update outside of your active hours.

Finally, there are number of other small changes and fixes listed down below:

  • Fixed low virtual memory errors when using WDAG, Remote Desktop, and Hyper-V
  • Removal of “Block Suspicious Behaviours” feature from Windows Security for bug fixing
  • Fixed issue with volume slider in certain applications when using touch controls in recent builds
  • Fixed issue when browsing certain apps where information wouldn’t load during long uses
  • Fixed issue where expanding the Driver Updates dropdown in View Update History in Settings didn’t list anything in recent builds.

Complete release notes can be read here.

Indranil Chowdhury
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