Microsoft Releases the Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17704

Microsoft released the Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17704 to the Windows Insider Program today. The announcement was made on the official Windows Blog.

Visit the developer section of the Windows Insider program to download the preview build.

MSIX Support

The update brings several features of note, including MSIX compiler support. This allows developers to package their applications as MSIX, but these applications can only run on the Windows 17682 build or later. Developers can use the MakeAppx Tool for compiling MSIX applications. It’s important to note that MSIX is not supported by the Windows Store or App Certification Kit at this time.

One of the main advantages of the MSIX compiler is that it could allow developers to compile their Win32 applications on the Windows Store once the support is added. It will be interesting to see how developers implement to this new compiler.

Windows Sets API

Microsoft also highlighted the LauncherOptions.GroupingPreference API in the update. This API allows developers to configure how their app behaves with the upcoming Sets feature. The Sets Feature allows developers to set up a tab framework interface, not dissimilar to modern web browsers tabs. Users can open a web browser tab, a word processing document, and a spreadsheet, all in the same window with tabs as an example. The goal is also to make it so that these tabs follow the user to all of their devices to keep them on track and productive.

Other Changes

  • Microsoft reported in their blog entry that they’ve made some changes to the mc.exe code generation. “The “-mof” parameter is deprecated. This parameter instructs MC.exe to generate ETW code that is compatible with Windows XP and earlier. Support for the “-mof” parameter will be removed in a future version of mc.exe.” Read the full details for these changes on their official post.
  • Only Visual Studio 2017 is supported by Microsoft for use with the Windows SDK as of this update. The latest version of Visual Studio can be downloaded here.
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