Microsoft Releases Optional Update For Windows 10 That Fixes Internet Connection, Speed And Reliability Issues

Microsoft has released a new Optional Update for Windows 10 that attempts to address a long-standing issue with the operating system in regards to a stable internet connection. The update should fix connection problems with both Wi-Fi as well as wired Ethernet connections.

Windows 10 OS users now have an Optional Update from Microsoft that attempts to solve several problems faced with an internet connection. The update addresses a bug that has been known to cause multiple weird behaviors in both the WLAN or Wi-Fi as well as wired Ethernet-based connections. The bug affected multiple versions of Windows 10 and survived quite a few updates to date.

Microsoft Releases Optional Update KB4577063 To Fix Internet Connection, Speed, And Reliability Problems:

Windows 10 team has released a new Optional Update that is intended to fix a bug that causes several issues with the internet connection. Windows 10 OS users have long been reporting weird issues with their internet connection. The bug apparently causes unusually slow internet connection, sometimes it causes Windows to report no connection even when a connection was available. There were quite a few reports from users of the Windows 10 May 2020 update or v2004, but also from the two previous Windows 10 versions v1909 and v1903.

The new optional update is intended to fix several problems caused by a bug in the Windows 10 OS. Microsoft released the optional update KB4577063 this week. The Release Notes for KB4577063 mentions the update will address the following problems with the Internet connection.

  • Addresses an issue with certain WWAN LTE modems that may not show an Internet connection in the notification area after waking up. In addition, these modems may not be able to connect to the Internet.
  • Addresses an issue that could prevent applications from opening or cause other errors when applications use Windows APIs to check Internet connectivity and the network icon in the notification area incorrectly reads “No Internet Access”. This problem occurs when you use Group Policy or a local network configuration to turn off an active search for the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI). This problem also occurs when active probing does not use a proxy and passive probes cannot detect Internet connectivity.

Incidentally, the Optional Update is expected to move from Optional to Automatic in the next week. In other words, these bug fixes will be distributed automatically on October 13th. Hence the Windows 10 OS users who have been affected by the internet connection bug should get the update. It is offered as an optional update via the Windows update function. In other words, users will have to head over to Windows Update and click on Check for Updates to receive the same.


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