Microsoft Quantum Network: Peeking into the future with Quantum Computing

Microsoft’s step into the realm of Quantum computing took a huge leap recently. Perhaps the announcement of Microsoft Quantum Network seals the company’s involvement in the field. To understand the direction Microsoft has taken, it must be first explained what Quantum Computing really is.


Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing.
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The most layman definition of the term would be to dub it as a supercomputer. While it may make it sound quite the machine, it is still as vague as it gets. While Richard Feynman laid the foundations to the idea back in the 1980s, it wasn’t until 1994 that the use of algorithms was made possible. Basically, Quantum computing has come to a point where it can be either analog or digital. Analog deals more with quantum simulations while the digital side is more inclined towards logic gates. While this article can lean towards countless more jargons, going back to the news at hand would be for the best.

Microsoft’s “Quantum” Involvement

To encourage the development of Quantum computing, a stagnant field, Microsoft announced the Microsoft Quantum Network. The purpose of this platform would be to encourage individuals and other firms to develop and work towards advancements in the field. While people may have their own approaches to the “end goal”, Microsoft has included access to its Quantum Development Kit, the research it has gathered and a plethora of experts on its panel. The Vice President for Microsoft Azure was naturally quite pleased with the announcement. He was excited for the informational leaps that this project would result in.

While this was the overview of what this project entails, there are certain specifics to it too. Microsoft Quantum network would include affiliations with individuals and startups to research towards Quantum Computation problem-solving. There would also be research centers opened, and Network Developers recruited to work towards the research. They would get direct access to Quantum Development Kit which includes tutorials developed by professionals at Microsoft.

All-in-all this is quite the step towards the future. There is no doubt that Quantum Computing will be the future of all problem crunching in the future. In a world of algorithms, we will find solutions to long term problems, linking it to artificial intelligence as we do it. This is step one, there are a handful more to go.

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Microsoft Quantum Network: Peeking into the future with Quantum Computing

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