Microsoft Pulls Back Ads From Their Mailing App On Windows 10 After Community Backlash

It often occurs that with a few good things, a couple comes with them to ruin the entire experience. When Microsoft introduced the new mailing app on Windows 10. This new native app, with its amazing integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, allowed for flawless functionality and a one platform unit for the entire app. It allows you to sync multiple mailing accounts and the peripheral features such as notes, contacts and calendar events that come with them.

While this was a good feat by Microsoft, another one happened to be the introduction of Office 365, back in the day. With their freemium model, Microsft pushed features that were included with the Outlook app on Office 365 that people on the simple, free Mail app did not. One of these features, or so Microsoft would go on to refute, was the recent introduction of ads.

For quite a while now, a number of users had complained of the ads on the default mailing app on Windows 10. The reported problems seemed to stem from the Windows 10 commercial versions, i.e. Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. While these versions were affected by the issue, no reports of this AD spamming have been reported on Enterprise and Education version of the same operating system.

Mailing app ads Microsoft
Image: Microsoft ads on Mailing app

While these ads are not welcome, Microsoft chose these actions to test out this approach which is adopted by many other email clients of the similar genre, be it Yahoo or even Gmail. According to reports, Microsoft gave a soft reply to all the users that were affected by the AD problem. The ads appeared over the “Other” tab in the emails, right next to the Focused inbox, if one has it turned on. Although this does not create any difference in the productivity of the app, although the added nuisance is never welcome.

Going back to Microsoft’s Reply, they admitted to pushing this feature in some parts of the world like India, Canada and even Brazil but because of the response that they received by the end user, they claimed that the beta feature would not be followed through with, it was being shut off immediately.

Although users would be happy to know that Microsoft has listened to them but who’s to say that a similar feature, complementing to their pricing model won’t make its way back, in a new way, from another aspect because as we go on to a world full of premium subscriptions, a world devoid of free to use features, it does not seem long that Microsoft and even other companies make this action a part of the status quo.

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Microsoft Pulls Back Ads From Their Mailing App On Windows 10 After Community Backlash

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