Microsoft Project xCloud Remote Cloud Gaming To Work Natively On Windows 10 OS Running On ARM Processors

Microsoft Project xCloud, the company’s remote cloud gaming platform will run natively on Windows 10 for ARM. Simply put, the ARM64 architecture, which has been steadily gained the ability to support Windows 10 OS, will have the ability to support high-end, console-quality cloud-gaming. This should not only benefit users but should also grant Microsoft a healthy subscriber base for its Project xCloud gaming platform. Moreover, the company could gain a significant lead over Google Stadia, PlayStation Now, Apple Arcade, and other similar remote, cloud-hosted gaming platforms.

Windows 10 on ARM has become an increasingly interesting phenomenon for several coders and developers. Although it is working, there are still several challenges to overcome. Notwithstanding the same, ARM-based Windows 10 PCs will soon gain the ability to offer high-end gameplay of popular game titles that Microsoft offers through the company’s Project xCloud platform.

Microsoft Confirms Project xCloud Game Streaming Service Coming To Windows 10 And It Will Support ARM64 Processors:

Last month, Microsoft announced that its Project xCloud game streaming service is coming to Windows 10 OS next year. Additionally, the company confirmed this week that Project xCloud will natively run on ARM64 processors. In other words, Windows 10 on ARM will natively support the Project xCloud game streaming service. Microsoft confirmed the news at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Technology Summit.

ARM-based Windows 10 PCs are still a novelty. Microsoft has been working hard to offer a reliable and robust PC experience on ARM-based processors. In the past, several enthusiasts have successfully booted Windows 10 OS on ARM-based processors, but Microsoft itself has been working to run Windows 10 OS natively on ARM. However, there are still several challenges about performance and reliability while running Windows 10 on ARM for prolonged periods, and multiple usage scenarios. Moreover, the combination hasn’t had a reliable gaming platform, leaving it to be used by developers and enthusiasts only.

ARM-based Windows 10 PCs do have a few native ARM64 games, but they don’t run well in emulation. Moreover, x64 games simply fail to run or boot. However, this is about to change completely. With Microsoft assuring native support for Project xCloud, the appeal of ARM-based Windows 10 PCs could shoot up significantly, at least as dedicated gaming consoles. While the Windows 10 on ARM will not compete with the upcoming Microsoft Xbox, it could serve well as a remote gaming console.

How Will Microsoft Project xCloud Work On ARM-based Windows 10 PCs?

ARM-based processors aren’t very powerful, but that’s changing. Still, in their current iteration, they are certainly no match for the high-end Intel, AMD and NVIDIA GPUs that are needed for intensive gameplay at high graphics resolutions. However, with Project xCloud, gamers will not require top-end hardware at their premises to play premium gaming titles.

Microsoft Project xCloud, just like Google Stadia, Apple Arcade, and others, takes the processing off of the device. The service takes care of intensive computing and even graphics processing in the cloud. Hence, the actual system resources of the gamers aren’t extremely critical for smooth gameplay. This is precisely why Project xCloud could prove to be a great companion for ARM-based PCs. Moreover, as Windows 10 on ARM gets better, Project xCloud would work even better.

Interestingly, ARM-based PCs have cellular connectivity built-in. This directly means users can enjoy true remote gaming. In other words, users can take their AMR-based PCs anywhere and still be play their games from anywhere without having to store them on the device. Moreover, the new Snapdragon 8c and the 8cx both support 5G. This means the Windows 10 on ARM will have access to higher bandwidth and lower latency. In short, Microsoft Project xCloud and Windows 10 on ARM could offer an optimal and immersive remote gaming experience that may eventually rival console gaming.

Microsoft Project xCloud is still only available on Android devices. It is not even available on Windows 10 OS. Hence Windows 10 PC gamers will have to patiently wait for Microsoft to enjoy console-quality gaming on their computers.

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Microsoft Project xCloud Remote Cloud Gaming To Work Natively On Windows 10 OS Running On ARM Processors

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