Microsoft Paint and Photos Will Flaunt A New, Modern Design in Windows 11

Rounder corners, soft edges, modest logos? Check.

Microsoft has given us a first official peek at the upcoming redesign of Microsoft Paint and Photos in Windows 11. While we already knew that both of these apps were going to get the Fluent UI treatment present throughout Windows 11, now we have a closer look at both apps running in their full modern glory.

Microsoft Paint

Looking at Paint, you can already see the major changes. Windows 11’s version of Microsoft’s notorious graphics editor will ditch the Ribbon Framework introduced way back in Windows 7. In place of that, a new header powered by Fluent UI and boasting its sleek looks will take over. 

Source: Microsoft

The toolbar has been completely overhauled to look more in line with the rest of the OS and, from the looks of it, to work better on touchscreens. The File, View, Undo, Redo buttons have all lost their boxy shape and have been replaced by just text in the uppermost row. We can also see a save button slightly separated from the rest of the controls via lines on each side.

Source: Microsoft

Moving down, we see perhaps the biggest change and that’s the color picker. The colors have all been rounded out and look much more pleasant to the eye. All the other tool selectors like Clipboard, Shapes, and Brushes have been revamped and now flaunt new logos that look elegant. And, of course, the standard affair of rounded corners house all of these changes.

Overall, the app boasts a much more pleasant, less aggressive, and more polished look. Microsoft has removed visible edges to make everything appear softer and more ”approachable”. You can even spot a new logo at the very top left corner, if you look closely. This new cosmetic uplift looks to remove all the clutter and give Microsoft Paint the modern update it has deserved for years.

Microsoft Photos

But, that’s not all. Microsoft’s Photos app also gets some Fluent UI love in the latest pictures from Microsoft. We’ve previously taken a look at the redesigned Photos in our Windows 11 article but Microsoft has treated us with new photos that tell us even more about the redesign.

Source: Microsoft

The Photos app in Windows 10 is already modern enough by, well, Windows 10 standards, but Microsoft wants to take it a step above and give it, perhaps an even more significant design revamp than Paint. After all, Photos is an integral fixture of the OS and Microsoft would want it to look coherent with the rest of Windows 11.

You can see in the picture how the editing tools float above the picture instead of being embedded into the window like before. This gives the whole app a cleaner appearance while not compromising on the functionality. According to Microsoft, Photos isn’t just getting a cosmetic touch-up, it’s also getting a ton of new features and better performance under the hood.

Source: Microsoft

We’ll have to wait till the public release of Windows 11 to figure that out. As of now, both of these apps have not been updated in Insider Preview builds of Windows 11. You can still use Paint and Photos in those early builds but they carry the old Windows 10 design and who wants to see that?

How Paint currently look in Windows 11 – Source: WindowsReport
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Microsoft Paint and Photos Will Flaunt A New, Modern Design in Windows 11

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