Microsoft Office Build 12325.20012 Available For Download To Office Insiders, Includes New Features For Outlook But Bug Fixes Across Applications

Microsoft has been actively developing its MS Office Suite, and as part of the testing and deployment phase, the Windows OS maker has sent out the latest build of MS Office to Office Insiders participants. The new build of MS Office productivity suite, officially tagged as 12325.20012, includes a few new features as well as several bug fixes. The changelog of the new MS Office build clearly indicates Microsoft has been actively listening to users, chronicling the bugs and fixing them with an accelerated schedule.

The new MS Office Build v12325.20012 released to Office Insiders has a set of new features primarily for MS Outlook, the company’s email and scheduling platform. Although it appears only the Outlook mailing program has received a couple of features, Microsoft has offered a new feature that’s applicable for several of the applications. The company has granted the ability to switch between multiple panes using a tab UI on the right-hand side of the Office Suite app.

Microsoft Office Build 12325.20012 Available For Download To Office Insiders Gets Detailed Changelog:

Microsoft has released a detailed changelog that indicates the majority of the applications that are part of the MS Office productivity suite, including Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Project, Word have several bug fixes.

Feature updates


  • Advanced group email settings: This feature helps groups users to customize which emails or events to receive/follow in their inbox.
  • Groups Naming policy: A group naming policy enables the IT admin to standardize and manage the names of groups created by users in the organization. The admin can require a specific prefix and suffix be added to the name for a group when it’s created and can block specific words from being used. This helps minimize the use of inappropriate words in group names, as well as IT, manage the representation of groups in their directory. Naming Policy also helps organizations that deploy team sites to categorize them based on department.

Office Suite

  • Tabbed Panes: Now you can switch between multiple panes using a tab UI on the right-hand side of the app. The UI will only be visible when you have 2+ panes open.

Resolved issues


  • Users may encounter an error when saving changes while using some non-English character sets.
  • Users may encounter an error when accessing a hidden named range.
  • Disabling hardware graphics acceleration with 4K resolution may result in the delayed rendering of cells when scrolling around.
  • Clearing a long formula that overlaps a cell boundary may still display across the cell boundary.
  • Resolved an issue with ribbon customization not loading when opening an embedded workbook.
  • The margin dropdown menu may not render correctly.


  • OneNote may not open via the ‘Meeting Notes’ Outlook add-in.


  • Retention policy labels may display the retention time period in parenthesis.
  • Blank spaces may appear in Contact cards with the Japanese language pack.
  • Images inserted inline to Outlook e-mail messages can sometimes get resized.


  • If a user has two (or more) different videos on a slide in a cloud file, the video images are rendered correctly, but when the user clicks on each one to play, the video content is the same.
  • In some cases, scrolling with touch devices will not work.
  • The margin dropdown menu may not render correctly.
  • Safelinks from one Office application to another may not launch the linked application.


  • Project may crash when you use the Compare Projects feature.
  • If you are in Dark mode, when you go to the task inspector panel on a task with an over-allocated resource, you are unable to read the table.
  • Setting effort on tasks that have no assignments are rounded to 1 day.


  • Saving a file after doing a mail merge may not work under certain conditions.
  • Building blocks organizer may display an invalid alert: “You have modified styles, building blocks”.
  • Comment pane sometimes gets reloaded when using copy/paste.
  • Comments are sometimes not pasted in the correct order.
  • Applying a template consisting of a multi-level list with custom styles to existing documents may not preserve the style under certain conditions.
  • Resizing a split-screen border may introduce an additional split screen.
  • Margin dropdown menu may not render correctly
  • At-mentioning a user in a comment card may show JSON.
  • Safelinks from one Office application to another may not launch the linked application.

Office Suite

  • For Japanese based products, account user first name, last name may appear in an incorrect order.
  • Hovering a mouse pointer over comments may display a textbox outline around the comment.

How To Update Microsoft Office To The Latest Build?

It is important to note that the latest build of MS Office that Microsoft has released, is still considered experimental. Hence, the company has sent out the Microsoft Office Build 12325.20012 only to the participants of Office Insiders, a voluntary program for interested users who wish to test new features before Microsoft releases the same to the general public.

Simply put, the latest build is called Office Insider Preview Build. Participants of the Office Insiders program have to start any MS Office program and head over to File> Account> Update Options> Update Now.

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