Microsoft Announces Multi-Window Support For Word and PowerPoint on iPad

For quite some time now, Apple has been trying to push the iPad as a laptop replacement. The device has seen some major design changes, UI, and accessory changes as well. The new Magic Keyboard attachment is just an extension of what Apple wants the iPad to be. In one of the UI changes since iPadOS, the company did feature multi-window multitasking. Apple did give developers the opportunity to develop their apps accordingly to make use of this functionality. Microsoft, being one of the first members to the party did just that.

According to an article posted on, Microsoft made an announcement to the Office Insiders that two of the programs from the suite, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint would be making use of this functionality pretty soon.

How it would work

According to the article, the idea is to take advantage of the iPad’s large screen and use this to allow users more freedom. With the multi-window support, they would be able to allow users to work on two completely different documents at once.

How this would work is that users may drag and drop the file from the Recent or shared list to the edge of the iPad screen and have it open side by side. Another would be to actually drag the app icon from the dock and place it on the side, as you would for any other multitasking, multi-window operation. Lastly, users can tap the “…” icon to have an option for opening the file in “New Windows”.

The article was unclear when it would be made available, as Microsoft would be rolling out the update. There was also nothing on us opening one window with Microsoft Word and the other with Microsoft PowerPoint. Perhaps that would be added later. For now though, if your iPad is on iPadOS 13, you too can avail this feature pretty soon.

Sarmad Burki
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