Microsoft Might be Working with Razer on a New Keyboard and Mouse for the Xbox One

While Microsoft has apparently been speaking with developers for some time about mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox One console, details have only recently come to light about what sort of new controllers might be available for the popular gaming platform. Considering that Microsoft has elected to incorporate the Xbox brand into Windows 10, it makes sense that they would also try to make PC gamers feel more at home when they play HD titles on television sets.

New information seems to indicate that Microsoft has plans to work with lifestyle gaming products company Razer, who is famous for their lighted keyboards. Chroma keyboards can shine lights under keys to let gamers enjoy an altered gaming experience that some have called a cross between a rave party and a neon cyberpunk fantasy.

While these keyboards might herald the coming of new Xbox hardware, representatives from both Razer and Microsoft have declined to comment for the time being. Nevertheless, Windows Central provided additional details on the emerging API that developers would use to support these new human input devices. Multiplayer balance would be completely up to the title.

For instance, some people feel that gamers who use keyboards have an advantage when playing FPS titles. Some may wish to capitalize on this and allow gamers to compete freely regardless of whether they’re using keyboards or controllers.

Other developers might wish to theoretically handicap those using a keyboard to keep it fair for others who are using controllers. The reverse might be true of some sprite-based fighting games and the like.

The new API gives developers the freedom to query whether or not a keyboard is plugged into the system. If a mouse is detected as well, then programmers can support it in much the same way that Windows 10 allows them to support a mouse.

Only USB and wireless devices with USB dongles will work, as a result. This means gamers won’t be able to use those that require custom drivers or Bluetooth support.

It’s doubtful, however, that this will be much of a problem as most of those devices don’t make sense in this particular use case. A standard heavy mouse should be more than enough to tackle most games.

John Rendace
John is a GNU/Linux expert with a hobbyist's background in C/C++, Web development, storage and file system technologies. In his free time, he maintains custom and vintage PC hardware. He's been compiling his own software from source since the DOS days and still prefers using the command line all these years later.

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Microsoft Might be Working with Razer on a New Keyboard and Mouse for the Xbox One

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