Microsoft may announce Age of Empires III: Definitive edition and Battletoads during the Xbox Game Showcase event

Ratings from the Australian Board Leaked

Age of Empires is a long-running RTS game series from Microsoft’s in-house game studios. The games in the series were praised because of the presentation, strategic gameplay, and the battles. The main trilogy of the series concluded back in 2005 with Age of Empires III, but since then, we have seen many re-releases and spin-off titles. Microsoft revived the series back in 2018 by announcing the fourth main entry in the main series, Age of Empires IV. The game is still in the works, and it may release in 2021.

The (lower-priced) definitive editions of the series started rolling out in 2018 with the release of the original Age of Empire game and the Age of Empire II (released in 2019). Both games did exceptionally well, but the 2nd game gained more fandom and praise. Rumors of the third game being remastered started appearing on the news at the start of this year. Last week Age of Empires III: definitive edition was spotted on the brazil rating agency. Now, Gamatsu has spotted it on the Australian Classification Board, which only means the game is on the verge of releasing.

The game has been going through Beta testing for quite some time now. Two of the rating agencies have already reviewed the game so release is imminent.

Battletoads was also rated by the Australian Classification Board. Though not much of the game has been revealed by Microsoft, we may get its release date during the Xbox Game Showcase too.

The Xbox Game Showcase event will be the next big online event where Xbox will show the workings of its in-house studios. Head over to the link here for the list of expected/confirmed games that may be showcased during the event.

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