Microsoft Making Active Efforts to Make Window’s 10 Work Better With Chrome

Many users have reported a bug regarding Windows 10’s built-in touch keyboard. The bug makes it unable to work properly with Chrome. To everyone’s surprise, Microsoft has actually released a bug fix (Commit) for the issue.


The bug was reported on by a Microsoft engineer-.  He tackled an issue in which Chrome wouldn’t function properly with Windows 10’s built-in touch keyboard while editing an online Excel document, as when the touch keyboard would pop up, it would obstruct the selected cell in the Excel document. This made it very inefficient for users to use the touch keyboard on Chrome. The bug post states that the expected result is that ‘The onscreen keyboard would pop up and the focused cells would be scrolled into view .’  Instead the result we get is that ‘The onscreen keyboard pops up but obstructs the selected cell.’ 


Microsoft released a bug fix for this issue in the form of a commit. The title of the commit is ‘Fix touch keyboard occluding focused element inside OOPIF’

The Post states:

“In windows when an input element inside an OOPIF is given focus the on-screen keyboard occludes the focused element, instead of scrolling it into view.”

“The browser process was routing the SynchronizeVisualProperties message which informs of the updated visual viewport to the top level frame’s renderer process since that is where the inset needs to be set.”

“The mainframe would fail to scroll the focused element when it discovers that the focused element is in a different process (a cross-process frame).”

“This change scrolls the focused element into view. By messaging the browser process when the mainframe renderer process fails to scroll the focused node into view. The browser process then calls RenderWidgetHostViewAura:: ScrollFocusedEditableNodeIntoRect which correctly routes the scroll message to the focused frame.”

If you are having these problems, you can find the solution in this post.

Microsoft and Chromium

Even though most of you might be surprised, this is not very alarming. Ever since Microsoft has announced that they would be switching Microsoft Edge over to Chromium, which you can read more about here. Microsoft has been actively contributing to the Chromium community.

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Microsoft Making Active Efforts to Make Window’s 10 Work Better With Chrome

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