Microsoft Launches Windows Virtual Desktop for Enterprise Users All Around the World

Microsoft is really pushing its buttons when it comes to the cloud. Not only is the company aiming to push data and services to the cloud, but with its Azure platform, it aims at enterprise solutions on the cloud. In the new development, the company announced the Windows Virtual Desktop almost a year ago. Today, the company launched its service.

According to an in-depth piece by TechCrunch, the company has launched its Virtual desktop service for enterprise users. While the preview version was only restricted to a US release, the final product has been launched for the whole world. So now, enterprises all over the globe can opt for this service.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)?

What good does it bring though? Well, for starters, users will be able to run virtual platforms on their systems. This means that there would be support for multiple versions of Windows on a system, on the cloud. The company stresses that the whole world is moving to the cloud and Microsoft is no different. It says that this would ensure a better more integrated workflow. In addition, the systems would be well maintained and integrated by experts, leading to better productivity.

Microsoft, shortly after the announcement of WVD, acquired FSLogix, a company working on similar cloud development. Microsoft representatives claim that this acquisition has led the Office team to work around a better environment to build better stability and user experience. The company provides support for Windows 7 Enterprise Users as well, giving them security updates until 2023. This is only possible for users on the platform though. With WVD, users will be able to run both Windows 10 and 7 Enterprise versions side-by-side.

Currently, all enterprise users who have subscribed to Azure services can access the service free of cost given that they have a compatible Office 365 or Windows 10 Enterprise License.

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Microsoft Launches Windows Virtual Desktop for Enterprise Users All Around the World

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