Microsoft Kickstarts Free AI School for Business Execs

The school will provide training to business leaders to implement AI strategies

-Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over the world with all the latest technological advancements. In order to help business leaders take advantage of AI, Microsoft has launched its own AI Business School. The new business school is an online training program that will help the business executives to design and implement AI strategy in their companies.

Microsoft Brings Business Leaders Back to School

Microsoft’s AI Business school will contain different case studies and free training videos on AI Strategy. Apart from this, the course will also include AI perspectives and lectures from different business leaders. A brief overview of the AI technology will be given through the introductory videos which will be followed by designing and implementing AI strategy.

The course content of the business school will focus on four core areas i.e. culture, technology, strategy, and responsible AI. Microsoft said that the course was designed so that business leaders can implement AI in their companies and also define their roles. The school will help you to set a strategy and identify blockers before they happen in actual. There will be cultural changes that organizations will have to make so that they can build themselves around AI.

Microsoft through its AI School will look to increase the use of AI in every layer of the organization. Every employee of an organization should use AI in their work so that a proper strategy can be set up. The successful implementation of AI in an organization will not only help the business leaders but will also help employees of the company. This will prep an AI-ready culture at any organization, something that Microsoft really wants to happen.

The AI school is a result of 3 years of conversation with the customers. The school for business leaders follows the AI School for developers launched last year. The company also has its Online Artificial Intelligence Program that has 10 courses which will help build deep AI models.

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Microsoft Kickstarts Free AI School for Business Execs

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