Microsoft Is Teasing New Features For The Xbox Companion App More to Come During E3

Xbox is busy doing the housework for their E3 presentation. Since Sony has decided to let go of this E3, Xbox’s presentation has become the most important event of the conference. They have already announced that there will be many games from the studios that Microsoft acquired last year. We will have to wait for their presentation to look at their “Exclusive content.”

Currently, Microsoft has updated the Xbox app for the Windows 10 with a new name called Xbox console companion. The new app has a message for all gamers out there. They said that it would become a dedicated app for your Xbox console experience and settings and they will have a new desktop experience soon. There is nothing new with the app except the name as of now.

The new update seems like another bead in the string for the Xbox’s presentation at E3. The most probable reason could be the fact that they want the most out of their E3 presentation. It will most probably be the last E3 of the 8th gen consoles (Xbox One) at least from Microsoft. Another reason for this mini update is most likely to build the hype of new features. They will squash little bugs and announce the feature set from this update during their E3 presentation.

Since the last E3, Microsoft is trying to merge the Xbox and PC gaming experience. They have already announced the Xbox game pass for the PC. Microsoft has also announced that they will offer their exclusives on PC services such as Steam or Epic stores. With this, Microsoft also released many of Xbox’s social features to the Game Bar. To support the streamers out there they have also updated the Wireless display app. It will serve as a gap between the Xbox gamers and PC gamers.

Tomshardware reports that Microsoft is trying hard to make Xbox a core experience of Windows 10 rather than a completely different project. Merging both services will not only increase the company’s revenue but also enhance the feature set offered by Microsoft. It also seems to be linked with Phil Spencer’s promise regarding PC experience being a crucial part of the future of gaming at Xbox.

We will learn more about the said update and more during their presentation during  E3. They will most likely announce the details regarding the project xcloud gaming services and their ties with Sony.

Mohsin Naeem
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Microsoft Is Teasing New Features For The Xbox Companion App More to Come During E3

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