Microsoft Is Now Gearing up To Bring Two Major Changes To Chromium On Windows 10

Microsoft has recently made many interesting changes to Windows 10 as a part of its efforts to incorporate Fluent Design. The tech giant has added a drop shadow to different parts of the OS including the menu items.

Now Microsoft plans to extend the functionality to the Chromium project. Those menus in the Chromium browsers that are designed using HTML form controls will get the drop shadow effect very soon. This change will add the look and feel of Microsoft’s Fluent Design concept in the browsers.

A recent Chromium Gerrit commit revealed that Microsoft’s engineers are working to bring drop shadow support to the popup menu’s available in the Chromium browsers.

This CL adds drop shadow support for popups on Windows when the FormControlsRefresh feature is enabled. Since drop shadow is not supported on Windows versions without DWM composition, then the drop shadow is replaced by a thin-line border by using the WS_BORDER style.

According to the commit, the drop shadow support is only limited to the popups at the moment. It is a clear indication that you will see different HTML elements getting HTML elements in the upcoming updates. Microsoft describes that it will take advantage of the forms controls refresh feature to implement the change.

CL [will] introduce a new shadow type (SHADOW_TYPE_OS_PROVIDED), which the html menus are going to use for FormControlsRefresh. By using the new shadow type a menu explicitly chooses to use the drop shadow provided by the OS.

Both Chrome Canary and Chromium Edge have built-in flags named Web Platform Controls updated UI and Web Platform Fluent Controls. These flags can be used to incorporate modern web controls in the browsers.

Chromium Might Get Edge-Style Scrolling On Windows 10

The scrolling functionality in Microsoft Edge is considered to be its strong points. However, this smooth scrolling was missing in other Chromium browsers. Another commit shows that the company is now planning to add “Edgestyle scrolling” to the Chromium project. According to Microsoft’s engineer Matthew Amert, Microsoft implemented a percent-based scrolling for Windows.

This CL implements percent-based scrolling for Windows. This makes mousewheel and keyboard-initiated scrolls be interpreted as a percentage of the size of the intended scroller, instead of being translated directly into pixels. This is done as a part of the effort to port Edge-style scrolling into Chromium.

Apart from the drop shadow support and scrolling improvements, the Redmond giant is working on a number of other changes including improved battery life and audio processing support. Although Chromium Edge is not released yet, many people have already shifted to the new Edge browser. This thing indicates that Microsoft’s efforts to offer a competitive browser are really paying off.

Alex Schoff
Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.

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Microsoft Is Now Gearing up To Bring Two Major Changes To Chromium On Windows 10

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