Microsoft Is Finally Allowing Windows 10 Home Users to Pause Windows Updates

Microsoft has been infamous for notoriously pushing Windows updates to users without caring if the user is in the middle of an important task. Earlier versions of Windows included an option to somehow delay Windows updates or even completely turn off the not so important ones. But with Windows 10, it is almost impossible to avoid installing an update.

The situation seems to be changing though, according to u/Leopeva64-2 on Reddit, Windows 10 Home version 1903 houses an option in the Windows Update Settings which allows the users to completely pause any Windows updates for 35 days. We should expect to see this feature in the global release of Windows 10 19H1.

Pause updates feature

The addition of this feature does not come as a very big surprise as Microsoft was recently involved in an issue where people reported loss of important data from their computer because of a faulty Windows update. Because of the same reason, the feature to pause Windows updates for a period of time already exists in ‘Business’ versions of Windows 10.

Consumers were in unison for this all over the internet, that is probably what pushed Microsoft to provide users more control over how and when they want to install updates. Overall for users, it’s a welcome change as it means no more annoying interruptions in between gaming sessions or more importantly while working.

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Microsoft Is Finally Allowing Windows 10 Home Users to Pause Windows Updates

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