Microsoft Introduces New Utility To Help Developers Rapidly Prototype UWP XAML

The new studio will help to prototype UWP XAML

Microsoft has its own experimental unit with the name of Microsoft Garage. Here all the experimental projects of all the teams take place from all over the company. The latest project that has been released from the Garage is XAML studio. It is a new tool kit that will help the developers to prototype the UWP XAML rapidly.

XAML Studio

The XAML Studio released by Microsoft has been designed to prototype the UWP XAML. The prototype can then later be copied to the visual studio as well. The copying of the prototype to the visual studio is not a hard task and won’t involve a lot of time as well to be copied. The main aim is to give developers real-time interaction with the code.

Developers now after the XAML Studio will be able to preview the code in real-time and interact with the result. This would be just like the code was running back in the app. The interaction and preview of the code will help the developers to identify any bugs or issues that are lying or any other problem that is not being highlighted.

XAML Studio Features

There are certain features that the XAML Studio possesses which includes the live and interactable preview window. With a live window, the developers will now be able to debug any problem or issue that is being identified. There is also an option of autosave and restore documents while the option of data context editor is also available in the list of features.

The creator of the project, XAML studio, Micahel, said that the studio is all about quick prototype loop. The tool will help in the future and it needs to work right away. He further said that he will interact with the studio to find out how it goes before incorporating the feature right into the app.

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Microsoft Introduces New Utility To Help Developers Rapidly Prototype UWP XAML

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