Microsoft Introduces Azure Portal Integration to Improve Remote Work Experience

Microsoft just introduced two new features, aimed at improving the virtual desktop experience. This move comes at a time when customers are working remotely more than ever before. One of the features entails general availability of Azure portal integration. This feature is significant due to its ease of managing and deploying Windows Virtual Desktops. 

The other roll out is of A/V redirect, allowing users to use local video and audio sources while using Microsoft Teams on a Windows Virtual Desktop. These two features were in public preview since April but now have been made generally available. 

Azure Portal integration is aimed at making a simple interface for deploying and managing apps and virtual desktops. The best part is that it is similar to managing other Azure resources. The users who have existing deployments on the classic model can continue using it. Resources can also be published to Azure Active Directory groups instead of simply publishing remote desktops and apps to individual users. 

The other new A/V redirect feature allows users to use videos and audios locally for Microsoft Teams meetings and calls. This is a useful feature where a lot of people are collaborating with their colleagues on Microsoft Teams. Conventionally, virtual desktops were not the ideal option for audio and video conferencing because of latency issues. This is no longer an issue with this newly introduced feature. Once this feature is enabled in Windows Desktop client, the videos and audios will automatically be handed locally for Microsoft Team meetings and calls. Microsoft Teams can still be used with other clients on Windows Virtual Desktop without optimized meetings and calls. The features of collaboration and chat on Microsoft Teams are supported on all platforms. 

These two features are of particular significance as Microsoft users expect a secure Windows 10 desktop experience while working remote.

Maira Ahmed
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Microsoft Introduces Azure Portal Integration to Improve Remote Work Experience

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