Microsoft Has Killed ‘Sets’ from Windows 10, the Tabbed Experience Feature Everyone Was Waiting For

Around an year ago from today, Microsoft showed off two key features which were going to be added to Windows 10, ‘Sets’ and ‘Timeline’. Both were included for previews and were intended to reach the final release. While Timeline made it to the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, Sets never did. There were several stories revolving around whether or not the feature would make it to the final build.

The latest official word tells us that Microsoft has finally killed the Sets feature altogether. The Senior Program Manager of the Windows maker replied to a tweet confirming the death of the anticipated feature.

Sets was meant to create a browser like experience while having several apps open in Windows 10. Instead of Windows, these apps would appear as tabs which makes doing things easier as people are used to the browser tabs feel. Sets gained a lot of popularity among enthusiasts right after the reveal and has been highly anticipated since.

The whole concept was supposed to work with the help of Edge browser running apps like Word in the browser’s tabs. Now that Microsoft has shifted to Chromium for Edge, seems like all the work they did on the feature has turned useless. This provides some logic to killing the feature from final builds.

Some sources suggest that the feature is never returning. However, the statement from Rich Turner includes “but adding tabs is high on our to do list” which does instill some hope. Microsoft could be trying to implement Sets in the new Chromium based Edge. It will be interesting to see how that turns out, as the whole idea is based on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications only.

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Microsoft Has Killed ‘Sets’ from Windows 10, the Tabbed Experience Feature Everyone Was Waiting For

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