Microsoft has acquired yet another gaming platform, announces Acquisition by Microsoft

For the last two to three years, Microsoft has been on a shopping spree acquiring gaming studios here and there. A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced one of the biggest news of the year in the gaming industry. The company acquired Zenimax Media, which owns developers like Bethesda Softworks, id Software, Arkane Studios. The push was due to the fact that Microsoft had not been able to produce exclusives comparable to Sony’s releases during the previous console generation.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer even released a statement that Microsoft will continue acquiring studios in the future. Now, another gaming platform has been acquired by the software giant., the esports platform, has now been acquired by Microsoft. After Mixer, it is the second push by Microsoft into the esports/streaming platform.

No further details regarding the announcement has been released yet. However, we know that the platform will continue to serve thousands of gaming event organizers regularly. It is also worth noting that Microsoft has not announced anything of this sort yet. We will keep you posted once further information is available. is one of the most prominent platforms in the esports industry, with more than 6000 event organizers over a broad selection of games. It can be used to organize any gaming event online. More importantly, the platform is free for anybody. Smash Bowl (Super Smash Bros tournament), Capcom Cup (fighting games tournament from Capcom such as Street Fighter series), and Chipotle Cup (Fortnite and other shooters tournament) are one of the biggest events organized by

Mohsin Naeem
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