Microsoft Gives a Complete Makeover To Its Outlook On iOS App

Microsoft has made changes to the design of the app and introduced the blue color in it

Microsoft has come up with a completely new design for its Outlook iOS app today. While the majority of the updates revolve around the introduction of new features, this update is different. In this update, Microsoft has given an overhaul to the design of the app with subtle changes. One notable change that one can find is the introduction of blue at the top of the app.

Blue is the brand color of Microsoft that the company uses for its Outlook app on Android. On iOS, the blue color was missing as it was an all-white design of the app. Miles Fitzgerald, lead designer for Microsoft outlook said that the decision to introduce blue in the app was to bring the Outlook family together.

While major changes have been made to the design, Microsoft has made some changes to improve the user experience. You can now set up your own custom swipes if you want while folder management has been made easier. There is now a favorite folders option available in the iOS Outlook app. The emails you receive from your favorite people will drop in this favorite folder.

Some other changes that Microsoft has done with its app include the inclusion of avatars in the inbox. Through avatars, users will be able to glance at the messages to see the name of the sender in just one look. Calendar responses to an event can now be given by adding an inline if you are accepting or declining the event. The search engine of the app will now show recent queries and people for easier and quicker search responses.

The small changes that Microsoft has brought to its app may sound worthwhile in the first go, but they will improve the overall user experience. Once you start adopting these small changes then you will get to know about the benefits of these small features. Microsoft also announced that it is coming up with a dark mode for Outlook, which is a highly requested feature. However, the dark mode will be released in a future update of Outlook.

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Microsoft Gives a Complete Makeover To Its Outlook On iOS App

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