Microsoft Gears Up to Reshuffle Parts of Windows Team, Signals Defeat of Previous Split

Microsoft is all set to bring about some significant changes in the way it operates its Windows organization this week. It signals towards a fresh focus on the operating system by the tech giant.

The company had placed Panos Panay, the Surface chief in charge of Windows in the beginning of the year. Now it is all set to reshuffle a few parts of the team. It is followed by Microsoft’s previous decision of cutting Windows into two parts after the ex-Windows chief Terry Myerson departed two years ago. Microsoft at that time moved central Windows development to a cloud and Azure and created a fresh group for working on Windows 10 ‘experiences’ such as Start menu, apps and new features.

Now with the current move, Microsoft is set to move central Windows development back under Panos Panay’s control. According to this, Windows developer experience teams and fundamentals will be returned to what is conventionally known as the Windows team. It is being considered as an admission of the reality that the Windows split had not gone as planned. Plenty of evidence is proof of this fact including a messy developmental experience for Windows 10, a lack of important new features, delayed Windows updates and various recent Windows update issues.

A few internal memos have revealed that a few core Window parts, especially the engineering side will stay with Azure division, the reshuffle basically focuses on cleaning up Windows for to update and ship it reliably. These changes also align Microsoft’s Project Reunion app work which will bring win32 and UWP apps closer together with the Windows team.

The reshuffle is expected to make Windows more consistent with an improved focus. This focus has further been increased as the operating system’s importance has climbed in this pandemic. Students and workers all over the world are turning to laptops and PCs for working from home. It seems that Windows has learnt from its mistakes and hopefully, increased consistency with the company’s fluent design system across the OS will give us more reliable Windows updates in the coming days.

Maira Ahmed
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