Microsoft Gears Up for Removal of Legacy Volume Mixer in its 19H1 Feature Update

Microsoft has been reported to be working hard at releasing its next Windows 10 feature update, scheduled to be released in April 2019 and codenamed as 19H1. According to Windows Central, several new features and changes are expected to be included in this update such as UI refinements and Windows Sets.

Another major change in the upcoming update will apparently be the removal of the classic volume mixer from Windows. In Windows 10 19H1 Build 18272 the traditional volume mixer will no more open when the ‘Open Volume Mixer’ option is clicked in sound context’s menu. Instead, it would take user to the modern settings page for volume mixer. Previously, this classic volume mixer was available through a corresponding menu in the system tray.

Windows 10 Modern Volume Mixer (WindowsLatest)

WindowsCentral has observed that Sound settings always had the modern volume mixer, however upon clicking the ‘Open Volume Mixer’ option, it was the classic volume mixer which used to open up. This will soon change with the advent of Windows 19H1 update wherein the legacy volume mixer shortcut is set to be replaced by the latest modern experience. There is no change whatsoever in the options available in the legacy volume mixer, however there will be no compact format for the users now. Also, the modern Windows design may not be as well-arranged. The sub-area which allows for the controlling of individual applications and devices’ volume in the Settings app remains unchanged.

In any latest version of Windows 10, the new volume mixer can be accessed by users from the Settings > System > Sound. In sounds page, scrolling down a bit and clicking the App volume and device preferences option Under “Other sound options” will be required. This will open up a page with advanced options for controlling volume and input/out devices. It operates just like the legacy Volume Mixer.

Even though this change is strongly anticipated in the future update, it is unclear when this change will be applied since this legacy volume mixer has not been completely removed by Microsoft as yet. For now, the shortcut has been replaced and the old volume mixer can still be accessed from the Control Panel or by simply searching for SndVol.exe in Cortana.

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Microsoft Gears Up for Removal of Legacy Volume Mixer in its 19H1 Feature Update

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