Microsoft Fails To Recognise Its Own Mobile Devices: Windows 10 Bug

In recent months, we have seen a lot of revolutionary changes in smartphones – their design, platform, and operating systems. While every company seems to be giving its all to deliver the best, Microsoft seems to be doing just the opposite. Its no secret that Microsoft isn’t exactly doing too well in the smartphone industry.

There are little bugs in nooks and corners of the devices’ operating system, and these bugs add up to make a rather substantial difference. One major bug reported in recent weeks was associated with the Microsoft To-Do: List, Task & Reminder app. When an invitation link Is clicked to join a new list, you can usually choose to download and install the software. This process usually redirects you to the Google Play Store in order to download the app and proceed on any android device. Microsoft Windows devices, however, are expected to redirect you to the Microsoft store, where you will be able to download the app. But this is not the case. When the invitation link is clicked using a windows 10 mobile device, the page is redirected to Google Play Store instead of the Microsoft Store.

It is pretty obvious that Google Play Store is restricted only to Android devices and hence restricting any windows 10 mobile device from downloading the app. Since Google Play Store doesn’t exist for Windows devices, it just opens a page on the browser to download the app (which obviously doesn’t work).

This simply means that Microsoft failed to recognize a windows device when used. This would naturally lead users to believe that the app doesn’t even exist for Windows devices, which is not the case. Sad to say that this shows how important smartphones are to Microsoft and how little they value them. It is very likely that this bug will go unfixed until after a long series of updates as usually is the case.

Bijit Ghosh
Bijit Ghosh is a computer science undergrad who takes an immense interest in technical trivia. Currently working on program development , he takes a wide view of the entire development community. He believes in binary: If it's true it will surface, else return. If you don't find him working it's probably because he's busy reporting the glitch in the matrix.

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Microsoft Fails To Recognise Its Own Mobile Devices: Windows 10 Bug

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