Microsoft Faces More Bad Luck with Updates, Withdraws Updates for Office 2010

It seems that bad luck has surrounded Microsoft’s updates since the last few months as one problem or another keeps springing up in various updates.

In the November 2018 patches for Office, there are again some issues being faced. A security update in Outlook 2010 is causing crash and two other updates had to be withdrawn by the company in lieu of problems with them.

BornCity blog discusses in detail the troubles with different updates.

Issues with update KB4461529 for Outlook 2010

The security update for Outlook 2010 SP2 solves various vulnerabilities including the following:

However, shortly after the update was released, Woody Leonhard pointed out the crash issue of Outlook 2010.

As the 64-bit version of this update was installed, Outlook 2010 crashed on startup. Presently the only possible workaround is to uninstall the update.

The good thing is that Microsoft also immediately included it in their known issues list of the update:

“After you install the 64-bit version of this security update, Outlook may crash on start-up. Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available.”

Update KB4461522 for Microsoft Office 2010

There is another update with another problem. This update is not security related and instead makes improvements to the Japanese calendar in Office 2010 so that the Japanese names are then displayed correctly in a new era.

However, this update is also causing crashes for Microsoft Access and other applications also. The error reads ‘Entry Point Not Found’. WZor reports on Twitter that the update causes an error in library KERNEL32.dll when calling the GetDateFormatEx () procedure.

The only solution is uninstalling this update. Microsoft has decided to officially withdraw this update.

Update KB2863821 for Microsoft Office 2010

Update KB2863821 for Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 also makes adjustments to the Japanese calendar so that the Japanese names correctly display in a new era. This update is required for update KB4461522 and vice versa.

After this update is installed, crashes may be experienced in Microsoft Access or other applications. To resolve this issue, the update needs to be uninstalled. Microsoft has also officially withdrawn this update.

As Microsoft has already acknowledged these issues, the solutions are expected to arrive soon.

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