Microsoft Extends Support to Xbox One Users through Improved Shopping Cart and new Wish List feature

Microsoft has always supported Xbox One to the best of its abilities by providing new features to its users regularly over the years. Today the software giant extended some famous features for Xbox and Windows Insiders to Microsoft Store. In a post given by Chris Swenson (Senior Product Marketing Manager) on Xbox Wire said, “”We work hard to improve the shopping experience in the Microsoft Store, and are always looking for ways to improve the discoverability and purchase of the products and services we sell. Today, we are excited to announce that customers can begin using our improved Shopping Cart and later this week, our new Wish List.”

The improved Shopping Cart now works with apps and games for Windows 10 and Xbox One. The feature has again been made available for testing purposes. The entire shopping experience has been made convenient for the users wherein a user does not need to buy a game individually anymore and will only need to go through the checkout process once. The ‘Add to cart’ button can easily be accessed under the ‘Buy’ button. Not only this, other actions have also been made easier such as the ‘Save for later’ option which allows navigation away from a product that a user decides not to purchase. That item is removed from the cart and saved in a handy location for future reference.

Improved Shopping Cart (Microsoft)

Another upcoming feature from Microsoft for Xbox One users is the Wish List which will support digital games, physical products, and apps in Microsoft Store. Users can access it on their console or other devices. For adding an item to the Wish List, the ‘Wish List’ button needs to be selected underneath the ‘Buy’ button. The Wish List can also be made public under Settings. Sale pricing and badging will also be supported within the Wish List so that the consumers are able to see quickly when items in their Wish List go on sale.

Upcoming Wish List feature (Microsoft)

It must be noted that the new Shopping Cart and Wish List are presently only available for Xbox One users and Windows Insiders. In the coming weeks however, everyone from the Xbox community is expected to receive access to these latest features.

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