Microsoft expands Windows Analytics to Desktop Analytics for better app management in organizations

Microsoft on Thursday announced a myriad of different and incredible tools in order to assist customers in shifting on to a modern desktop. All of these tools are aimed at making modern desktop deployment easier for users. One of these tools is Windows Analytics which has now been expanded to be named as Desktop Analytics. The announcement came from Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Office and Windows marketing, Jared Spataro.

According to the Microsoft blog, Desktop Analytics is a new cloud-based service which has been integrated with ConfigMgr and has been designed to create an inventory for apps which are running in the organization, assessing app compatibility with latest feature updates of Office 365 ProPlus and Windows 10. This service will also be able to create pilot groups which represent an entire driver and application estate across a set of devices.

These changes came after users expressed their reservations that application testing is one of their greatest update and upgrade challenges. Microsoft recognizes that, “A critical part of any desktop deployment plan is analysis of existing applications—and the process of testing apps and remediating issues has historically been very manual and very time consuming.” Owing to the software company’s understanding of the complexity of desktop management and of the process of deploying devices, creation of standard images, testing of updates, and providing end user support being tedious, Microsoft stated that it is “determined to change that with our vision for a modern desktop powered by Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. A modern desktop not only offers end users the most productive, most secure computing experience—it also saves IT time and money so you can focus on driving business results.” The introduction of cloud-based analytics tools like Desktop Analytics is meant to achieve that.

The latest Desktop Analytics service will provide a clear understanding and intelligence for the users to make more enlightened decisions regarding the update readiness of the Windows and Office clients. The users can then optimize production and pilot deployments with Configuration Manager. Linking of data from the users’ own organization with data accumulated from millions of devices connected to the cloud services, the user can take the guess work out of testing and focus on their attention on key blockers.

The Microsoft blog states that more information on Desktop Analytics and other modern desktop deployment tools at Ignite will be shared soon.

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Microsoft expands Windows Analytics to Desktop Analytics for better app management in organizations

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