Microsoft: Windows Mixed Reality Users Shouldn’t Immediately Install Chromium Edge

Microsoft is all set to roll out the new Chromium Edge browser starting Jan 15. Notably, it is going to replace the existing version of Edge on Windows 10 Home and Pro devices.

Microsoft has already announced that the option to stick with the old Edge browser is only available for business users. However, this release will impact Windows Mixed Reality users in a different way. The Redmond giant posted a support article last week explaining that Windows Mixed Reality users cannot use the new Microsoft Edge right away.

This is because of the fact that the company has identified some known issues with Windows v1909 or higher. The complete list of known issues is available at the Microsoft support site. Thus, Microsoft advises its users should wait for the updates to be released later this month.

Microsoft Edge Update To Be Released Later This Month

The Windows Mixed Reality team explains on Reddit that without this update, browsing the web may lead to potential problems.

“The new Microsoft Edge is targeting January 15, 2020 for general availability. While you’ll be able to download the GA version of the new Edge right away, we recommend waiting for some key Windows Mixed Reality optimizations for the new Edge arriving with the 2020-01 Cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1903 (or later). This update should be available via Windows Update by the end of January.”

For those who are interested, the Chromium-based Edge browser brings some changes for WMR users. First, your machine should be running Windows 10 v1903 to use the browser. Secondly, the Windows Mixed Reality got support for the desktop apps with this update. Additionally, the browser now supports a new standard rather than the old WebVR.

If you are one of those curious fans who want to play around with the new features, Microsoft recommends that you should download the preview builds. In this way, both versions will simultaneously run on your PC until an update is available.

Let’s hope that Microsoft will complete the rollout process without introducing new problems for Windows 10 users. Probably the fate of this Microsoft Edge update for WMR depends on the initial feedback.

Alex Schoff
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